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A home loan can be divided into two different parts; top loans and bottom loans. The largest part, which is at the bottom, is the bottom loan. The loan is secured against mortgage deeds issued in the house or tenant-owner’s right. Different lenders have different levels of how much of the housing value is placed in the bottom loan. Bottom loans may not exceed 70-85% of the value of the home. Visit for a summary

This usually finances a home purchase.

This usually finances a home purchase.

The top loan is the part of the housing purchase that is financed with another loan. The loan is a blank loan. Previously, it was common for banks to call the upper part of the mortgage loan for a top loan, but since there is no security placed on the home, it is in practice a private loan.

At all housing purchases, one must pay 15% today in cash. There are many who add saved funds. If you do not have any savings, you can borrow for the cash, if you have the right financial conditions.

For new loans, the top loan and the bottom loan together may not be in excess of the 85% housing value, this according to restrictions according to guidelines from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

A common question home buyers ask themselves is “ How much can I borrow? “. Read our article about it to get some more meat on your legs before negotiating with banks.

Differences between top and bottom loans

Differences between top and bottom loans

  Security Amount of market value Repayment Requirements Interest
First mortgage Mortgages up to 70-85% Yes No Low
Second Mortgage 5-15% Yes High

A top loan is a loan with variable interest and demands for repayment. Amortization is usually done every month and a repayment period of 5-15 years is common.

January 2015 also tightened the requirements for amortization on bottom loans. All new mortgages will then be amortized down to 50% in the longer term. For loans that amount to between 70-85% of the market value, an annual repayment of 2% must be made. Thereafter, the rate is lowered and borrowers with mortgages of between 50-70% are to repay 1% per year.

When the bank lends money for the purchase of a home, one wants to secure the loan with the home as collateral. The bottom loan is fully secured by a mortgage bond. It does not do the top loan and hence it follows that this type of loan is more expensive, which means that the loan interest rate is higher. Sometimes, the lender may require another type of security for the top loan, such as a guarantee.

Risks with top loans

Risks with top loans

Since the bank has no security for the part of your home loan that is like a top loan, the interest rate is higher. If the housing market falls and you have to move for some reason you risk having loans of more than your home’s value. You risk being seated with the top loan for a long time to come.

Are top loans in practice a blank loan?

Are top loans in practice a blank loan?

Yes, it’s the same type of loan. Both loans are without security and have a higher interest rate than the bottom loan. The term top loan is used when the blank loan is taken when buying a home. A blank loan can otherwise be applied for without telling what the money should go to.

Tip! If you recently refurbished or if the prices have risen a lot lately in your residential area, request a valuation and change your loans. Maybe you have a top loan that can be converted to a bottom loan? This would mean lower interest expense and that your repayment will be at a slower pace.

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Payday Loan Despite Probationary Period – Get Credit In The Probationary Period! Sat, 02 Feb 2019 09:10:41 +0000 Read more…]]>


credit despite probationary period It is usually not difficult to get a loan when in employment. However, it is a problem if you are still in the probationary period, because then it can be difficult to obtain a loan. As a rule, banks do not lend money to persons who are still in probationary period, because such a loan carries too high a risk of default because it can be assumed at any time that the employment relationship can be terminated. In such a case there would be no secure income with which the loan could be paid despite the probationary period. During the probationary period, the employment relationship can be terminated by both the employer and the employee, so banks are in the probationary period in most cases too risky. However, who is currently in the probationary period and urgently needs a loan should be on the Internet look for offers for a payday loan despite probationary period. Online you will find a large number of providers who can provide consumers with credit even in difficult situations. So it is not easy to get a loan despite a probationary period, but it is not impossible. for clarification


Payday Loan Despite Probation Safe & Easy Online Possible


credit in the trial period In order to obtain a payday loan despite a probationary period, it is usually necessary to provide the bank with other collateral, as the income as collateral is not sufficient because it can be omitted after the probationary period. For a payday loan despite probation, therefore, real estate, life insurance policies or securities can be used as collateral, another welcome security is a guarantor. It does not matter what relationship between guarantor and borrower to each other, the banks is only important that the credit despite a probationary period can be secured by a guarantor , because in the event of a default of the borrower, the guarantor must step in and take over the payment obligations. In order to secure a loan as a guarantor despite a probationary period, it is necessary to prove the creditworthiness of the guarantor. This is done on the basis of a review of the Schufa data, as well as through evidence of a permanent employment relationship and a regular income that must be above the seizure limit. With the support of a guarantor you have a great chance to get a loan despite a probationary period, because the banks just want to make sure that a given loan can also be serviced.


Additional information:

  • Credit without collateral – Without collateral such as land ownership, guarantors etc.
  • Private Loan – Flexible Private Loan Private
  • Loan Comparison – Compare Online Loans


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Loans for the Unemployed Fri, 25 Jan 2019 09:10:10 +0000 Read more…]]>

Unemployed is a person who is unemployed.

Unemployed is a person who is unemployed.

It is registered in the appropriate employment office. Such a person is entitled to an allowance. If it meets certain standards. See for further editorial

An unemployed person is:

  • There is no work. But he receives a steady income. From various sources, for example: renting a flat, scholarship, donations;
  • There is no official work – because he just works “in black”;
  • There is no job at all – neither official nor “black”;
  • He works abroad but has no contract.

You can get a loan as proof in a bank.

You can get a loan as proof in a bank.

If we have a personal account. An important element to take a loan is the account history, according to information for unemployed

The statement provides information about our earnings, e.g.

  • What income affects your account;
  • What we live with;
  • How much savings do we have;
  • What we spend money on;
  • What are our obligations?

If we do not have any income. Usually, a third party statement is necessary. That in the case of problems with repayment of the loan. They will take over the credit obligation. Another condition is the lack of an entry on debt in Retrodatabase. It is very easy to hit the list of debtors.

Loans for non-employees are offered by loan institutions

Loans for non-employees are offered by loan institutions

Opposite the needs of the unemployed looking for a chance for a loan. Institutions outside banking.

Their offer is very wide. Conditions are not as difficult as in the case of banks. Formalities are usually limited to the minimum. The lack of a document about income is not a problem. Parabanks do not require any income certificates. The only document is an identity card.

The moment-link for the unemployed is an ideal solution for people. Who need a quick loan without a job. More and more companies offer the possibility of taking loans online. The application is completed online. Money instantly affects your bank account. It is a very comfortable and tempting proposition.

Loan companies meet clients. They offer better terms and conditions for taking short payday loans than banks. This is a chance for people. Which do not have to count on a bank loan. The decision to take a loan must be well considered.

If you borrow, give the loan on time. A small amount of a small amount can be easily repaid. Even for people without work. The condition is one: you have to give it punctually. Otherwise, in addition to the amount to be repaid. Interest will be added and additional costs for delay.

Internet loan for the unemployed. It’s a convenient and quick way to get cash. Every unemployed person can count on a loan. It must only realistically assess its capabilities.

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